Love the My Mez product Line

I love the My Mez product line(s). The fact that they are 100% Made In America, versatile (functional and decorative) and completely customizable, are all the things that attracted me to these tables and trays. 
Samir and Akanksha, the My Mez co-owners, worked with us every step of the way on designing our pieces and went above and beyond in their communication and execution - from start to finish and even post delivery of the items. The items we gifted even came in ahead of time. 
Extremely well-priced, the Mez I own serves as the perfect occasional table in my living room, it is personalized with pictures of my family and important milestones in my life. What I love even more, is that my three-year-old uses this table every day (and has for the last two years, which speaks to durability and quality craftsmanship too) - and she recognizes loved ones on it. I can hang it up on the wall as a piece of art when I want to, as well. 
My husband and I gifted the My Mez tray to dear friends as a wedding gift. Again, we were able to personalize it, and even now they rave at what a unique and special gift we gave them