Our Story

My Méz was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team, Samir Dhamija and Akanksha Aga. Born and raised in India, Samir and Akanksha met in the USA during their graduate studies in 2001. They earned their MBA from Johnson & Wales University. They have lived in New England since then and share a passion for locally-made arts and crafts. Samir is an avid photographer and constantly had friends and family telling him to ‘do something with your photos’. An entrepreneur at heart, Samir came up with the idea of tables topped with photos in 2010. Akanksha suggested the name Méz as that’s the Hindi (Indian) word for table. Samir tried and tested different types of wood, table leg styles, and finishes before he was happy with a prototype. In early 2012 a friend of a friend saw his prototype and reached for her checkbook…it’s been an aMézing journey since then. Today Samir focuses on production, operations, and finance while Akanksha on business development and showcasing My Méz at events. They live in New England with their toddler. They have made a conscious decision not to outsource the production and retain it within the USA. My Méz is proud to be a family-owned, Made in the USA business.